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Porsche Classic Boxster Cup 2020
Porsche Centre Cardiff Restoracing Team

A new era of racing

Porsche Centre Cardiff will be taking part in the inaugural Porsche Classic Boxster Cup. This Championship promotes the technical knowledge and abilities of participating teams, their passion for the brand and their competitive spirit. Porsche Centre Cardiff’s car is back on the grid this season, following competing in the Porsche Classic Restroacing Championship for two years.

This year, a big change is the introduction of open entry. Now, anyone can enter the Cup, independently or in conjunction with a participating Porsche Centre, so there will be a larger race grid and even more exciting races in 2020.

Meet our team

Scot Adams

Our driver - Scot Adams

Scot has worked at Porsche Centre Cardiff for over 12 years and is a Gold Accredited Porsche-trained Technician. After working on the Restoracing Boxster in 2018, and progressing to be our driver in 2019, Scot is thrilled to be behind the wheel for a second year.

To find out more about Scot, read his pre-race season interview.

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Porsche Classic Boxster Cup 2020

Our race team

The Porsche Centre Cardiff team will proudly represent us at the Porsche Boxster Cup in their matching Fletcher Aviation shirts.

Porsche-trained Technicians, Parts Advisors, Service Advisors, Aftersales Managers and Marketing Managers will all attend the races and show our team spirit.

The races

Scot Adams - Porsche Restoracing - Donington Park

Race 1 - Donington Park

On Saturday 5 April, the first round of the Porsche Boxster Cup will take place. The team are excited to visit Donington Park again, where in a bonus round of Restoracing in 2019, Scot took the podium.

Up against some stiff competition this year, can Scot secure a similar victory on the first race of the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup?

Porsche Cardiff Restoracing - Brands Hatch

Race 2 - Brands Hatch

The second round of the series will see the competition arrive at Brands Hatch on Saturday 2 May. Having driven both circuits at Brands Hatch in 2019, will the second race be a walk in the park for the Fletcher Aviation Boxster?


Race 3 - Silverstone

On Saturday 13 June, Scot will take to a new track in the 986 Boxster S for the third round of the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup.

The team haven't visited Silverstone since Restoracing in 2018, when they had a different driver at the helm. What will the visit have in store for the team this year?


Race 4 - Snetterton

On Saturday 11 July, the team will make their way to Snetterton to a track renowned for fast racing with long straights and sweeping corners. After a journey of over 250 miles will the team be race ready?

Oulton Park

Race 5 - Oulton Park

The fifth round of the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup will take place at Oulton Park on Saturday 1 August. With the final race two months away and set to also take place at Oulton Park, this will be a chance for Scot to gain experience ahead of the final rounds.


Porsche Restoracing Team Cardiff Brands Hatch Indy

Race 6 - Brands Hatch

On Sunday 6 September, the Classic Boxster Cup returns to Brands Hatch for the penultimate round of the competition. The team from Porsche Centre Cardiff will be hoping that Scot’s previous visits will help him climb up the grid as he takes on Brands Hatch for the fourth time in his racing career.

Oulton Park

Race 7 - Oulton Park

The final round of the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup takes place at Oulton Park on Saturday 3 October. Where will Porsche Centre Cardiff place overall?

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The restoration process

The Stripdown

The strip down

When Porsche Centre Cardiff decided to take part inthe Porsche Classic Restoracing Compeition, they were the last team to enter and it was just three months until the first race.

Our team of Porsche-trained Technicians had not undertaken a project to turn a road car into a race car before, but had excellent knowledge of 986 engines.The schedule for the restoration included a week for the roll cage to be fitted and a further week for the respray, so the team didn’t waste any time taking apart the engine to begin work.



The engine was in a good condition for a road car, but changes were needed to ensure the car could withstand the demands of racing. After the engine was removed, it underwent a full service including all engine ancillaries.

Replacement parts included the belts, spark plugs, water pump, oil separator, all pulleys and tensioners, radiators, exhaust manifolds and ignition coils. All modifications to the engine had to comply with the guidelines set by the Porsche Club Championship.

Vehicle Preparation

Vehicle preparation

The car needed to be revamped before we made any race modifications, so the full suspension and braking system was overhauled, along with a new clutch, flywheel and battery.



The paintwork on the car was carried out at Spraymaster, Dick Lovett’s state-of-the-art Porsche Recommended Repairer in Swindon.

The Porsche 550 which inspired the livery for our car was first exhibited in 1953 in Paris and had a light-alloy monocoque body. To replicate this colour, the Boxster S needed a complete internal and external respray. To achieve the exact colour of the silver alloy on the 550, Steven Pottinger, Owner Services Business Development Manager for PCGB, kindly worked with Glasurite to source a custom paint code. The paint resembled the bare aluminium finish of the cars in the 1950’s, and for full authenticity the interior was resprayed to match the outside.

Race Modifications

Race modifications

Race modifications were made to the car by the team around the clock, including the harness fire extinguisher and cut-off switch. The team elected to have both the dashboard and the centre console flocked to prevent glare when racing. Tow eyes and bonnet pins were fitted, and the black roll cage was also secured.



The inspiration for the livery on the Boxster S came from the Porsche 550-1500 RS Spyder “Carrera Panamericana”. The sponsor logos from Fletcher Aviation on the Porsche 550 Spyder tie in with the link that Dick Lovett Group have to Bicester Heritage, home to World War II buildings, air hangars and Porsche Classic Life.