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Porsche News Update – Edition 2 2023

Porsche News Update – Edition 2 2023

In this edition we reflect on our anniversary year and cast our minds back to the Goodwood Festival of Speed where Porsche headlined for a record fourth time. We welcome the new generation of Panamera, taking the ‘sports car for four’ concept further than ever before. Two new future icons joined our model line-up - the 911 S/T and 718 Spyder RS. Both share one thing above all else: ultimate driving pleasure.

This edition concludes by taking a closer look at Winter Wheels and N-Rated Tyres from Porsche Tequipment. More than just four contact points to the road, Winter Wheels and N-rated Tyres unlock safer, more enjoyable driving experiences. 

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Our latest models

Panamera 4 E-Hybrid.

Panamera 4 E-Hybrid.

The Panamera 4 E-Hybrid expands the Panamera family in a dual-drive package consisting of a powerful six-cylinder twin-turbo engine and revised electric motor. The new E-Hybrid improves on its predecessor across all departments. A new high-performance electric motor and larger 25.9 kWh battery elevates the combined power output to 470 PS. Remaining composed and comfortable, active air suspension technology provides an effortless driving experience, even on the roughest terrain. For all-electric everyday use or for efficient long-distance journeys, only the Panamera E-Hybrid models achieve this kind of incredible balance.

Panamera 4 E-Hybrid model official WLTP combined fuel consumption: 201.8 – 282.5 mpg, WLTP weighted combined CO2 emissions: 32 - 22 g/km.

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Panamera 4S E-Hybrid.

Panamera 4S E-Hybrid.

A pioneer of luxury grand touring, the third generation Panamera 4S E-Hybrid retains the GT qualities that define the Panamera and electrifies them. Utilising a more powerful twin-turbo V6 engine, the 4S E-Hybrid now achieves a peak combined output of 544 PS and 750 Nm of torque. With driving modes specially designed for the hybrid drivetrain, you can switch between purely electric, hybrid, or sports focus – depending on your route and personal preference.

Exclusive to the 4S E-Hybrid, 20-inch Panamera AeroDesign wheels compliment the low, sleek, and wide design aesthetic. Fully digital display elements, new seat designs and large central and passenger displays (optional) complete a refreshed interior.

Panamera 4S E-Hybrid model official WLTP combined fuel consumption: 201.8 – 256.8 mpg, WLTP weighted combined CO2 emissions: 33 - 24 g/km.

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 new Taycan range.

The new Taycan range.

Once again, the new Taycan proves itself to be the sportiest offering in the electric vehicle market. Equipped with a completely new electric motor, lightweight rear axle, and optimised software, the Taycan accelerates faster from 0 to 100km/h than its predecessor. Advanced batteries and an optimised chassis deliver a dynamic driving experience and better range than ever before.

Extensive interior and exterior design changes are rolled out across the model range. Wider and more contoured front bumpers expose broader air intakes and sculpted Matrix LED lights, visually adapted from Cayenne and Panamera for a sharper, sportier look. Extensive options are available through Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, including illuminated Porsche logos – a Porsche first and a finishing touch to the light bar that spans the rear. Simultaneously embracing heritage and modernity, the Taycan brings passenger display video streaming, home link technology and Pepita houndstooth textiles - available as part of a new leather-free offering.

Taycan electric model range official WLTP combined energy consumption 16.7 – 22 kWh/100km, WLTP combined CO2 emissions 0g/km.

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all-electric Macan

The new all-electric Macan.

The new all-electric Macan reinstates its essence as the sports car among compact SUVs. Unadulterated Porsche DNA prevails in a completely re-designed package which boasts greater driving dynamics and creature comforts. Two exciting new versions, the Macan 4 electric and Macan Turbo electric, arrive to push the limits of driving dynamics in the compact SUV segment.

Featuring an overhauled low-drag exterior design, the all-electric Macan includes a flat bonnet, aerodynamically sculptured front bumper and three-dimensional taillights. A sophisticated and efficient drivetrain provides exceptional range and power for long distance adventures on the open road.

Macan electric models official WLTP combined energy consumption 21.1 – 17.9 kWh/100km, WLTP combined CO2 emissions 0g/km.

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The new Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid

The new Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid.

Staying true to its legacy as the luxury segment’s sports car, the all-new Panamera is proof that absolute driving pleasure and sportiness do not have to be mutually exclusive. Advanced adaptive suspension and a redesigned interior reiterate its repute as the benchmark in the grand touring concept. Choose boldly.

Innovations in hybrid drivetrain technology allow the Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid to travel almost double the distance of previous models while benefitting from faster charging times – keeping you on the road for longer.

The further developed 4.0-litre V8 bi-turbo engine and significantly more powerful 25.9 kWh battery combine to deliver an instantly responsive kick at a press of the throttle, unleashing all 680 PS and 930 Nm to the road through a lighter 8-speed PDK gearbox.

Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid model official WLTP combined fuel consumption: 166.2 - 235.4 mpg, WLTP weighted combined CO2 emissions: 26 - 38 g/km.

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The new Panamera 4.

The new Panamera 4.

The Panamera 4 combines future-focussed dynamism with state-of-the-art GT engineering. An all-new Porsche Driver Experience refines the operating experience for greater confidence behind the wheel. A suite of advanced standard features are included over previous models, such as vertical design Matrix LED Headlights and advanced two-chamber two-valve air suspension as standard, which minimises unwanted pitch, body roll and uneven surface chatter.

A refreshed exterior package with lowered front end and larger air intakes reinstates the Panamera 4 as an elegant luxury saloon with sports car dynamics.

Panamera 4 model official WLTP combined fuel consumption: 25.2 - 28.0 mpg, WLTP weighted combined CO2 emissions: 230 - 253 g/km.

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The new Panamera.

The new Panamera.

Choose boldly. The Panamera announces itself as the pinnacle of executive comfort, safety and driving pleasure. An all-new Porsche Driver Experience redefines the operating experience for greater confidence behind the wheel, whilst a suite of new advanced standard features are included over previous models. The Panamera features updated vertical design Matrix LED Headlights and two-chamber two-valve adaptive air suspension as standard for ultimate driving performance in all applications.

Panamera model official WLTP combined fuel consumption: 26.9 - 29.4 mpg, WLTP weighted combined CO2 emissions: 219 - 239 g/km.

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Cayenne S E-Hybrid.

The new Cayenne S E-Hybrid.

The Cayenne has always set the barometer for driving pleasure within the SUV segment, continuously pushing boundaries to provide an unparalleled experience behind the wheel – whether that be on-road or off-road. The Cayenne S E-Hybrid strikes a poised balance between power and emotion by utilising the powerful Turbo engine and sustainable E-hybrid technology.

Available as an SUV or Coupé, the new Cayenne S E-Hybrid features a powerful 3.0-litre V6 Turbo Engine, supplemented by a 130-KW electric motor to produce an astonishing 519 PS and 750 Nm of torque.

Cayenne S E-Hybrid model range official WLTP combined fuel consumption: 166.2 - 201.8 mpg, WLTP weighted combined CO₂ emissions: 39 - 31 g/km.

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Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid

The new Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid

The Cayenne has always set the barometer for driving pleasure within the SUV segment, continuously pushing boundaries to provide an unparalleled experience behind the wheel – whether that be on-road or off-road. The Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid sits at the top of the Cayenne model range, combining breathtaking Turbo performance with efficient, sustainable E-Hybrid technology.

Available as an SUV and Coupé, the new Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid represents the most powerful Cayenne ever. Its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 is supplemented by a powerful 130-kW electric motor, generating an astonishing 739 PS and 950 Nm of torque.

Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid model range official WLTP combined fuel consumption: 141.2 – 166.2 mpg, WLTP weighted combined CO₂ emissions 46 – 39 g/km.

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911 S/T

The new 911 S/T.

Sportmade. The new 911 S/T represents 911 purism in its highest form. Celebrating 60 Years of 911, this anniversary model – limited to just 1,963 units – takes all the characteristics synonymous with the iconic sports car and turns them up to 11. Delivering a breathtaking driving experience that you will want to repeat over and over again.

Portraying the 911 concept unlike any other car in the series, the new 911 S/T is purpose-built to take full advantage of winding country lanes, majestic mountain passes and scenic coastal roads. Combining ultra-lightweight construction and extensive aerodynamics with a 4.0-litre naturally aspirated horizontally opposed engine and six-speed manual GT sports transmission.

911 S/T official WLTP combined fuel consumption 20.5 mpg, WLTP combined CO₂ emissions 313 g/km.

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Search our Approved Pre-Owned cars

Porsche Cardiff

You can browse the Approved Pre-Owned cars that we have available by launching the Porsche Pre-Owned Car Locator - simply click the button below to search our stock.

The advertised price of all Porsche Approved Pre-Owned cars includes the cost of an optional Porsche Assistance and Porsche Approved Warranty insurance product. Cost included is for price indication only.

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In the showroom

911 Turbo Cabriolet, £67,990

911 Turbo Cabriolet, £67,990

Exterior colour: Basalt Black Metallic

Interior colour: Black leather interior

Features include:

  • 19 inch RS Spyder wheel with centre lock
  • Sport Chrono Package Plus
  • SportDesign steering wheel
  • Heated seats
  • video presenation available upon request

Contact us on 02920 606 520 or info@porschecardiff.co.uk for more information.

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Owner services

Porsche Service, maintenance and parts

Service, maintenance and parts

Your Porsche needs regular maintenance for optimum safety and performance. To help you manage the cost of this we have a transparent menu of pricing for scheduled service work and the cost and fitting of key replacement parts.

To keep you mobile and enable you to make effective use of the time whilst your car is being serviced we can collect and deliver your car or can offer you a courtesy car*. You may decide to wait at the Centre where you can use the free Wi-Fi and have refreshments or make use of a meeting room (if booked in advance).

*These services are subject to availability and meeting insurance criteria, so please contact our Service team to book and avoid any disappointment.

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Porsche Warranty

Porsche Warranty & Assistance

Porsche want to ensure you can continue enjoying your car even when things do not go to plan. Porsche can offer you a number of reassurance products to give you peace of mind that we will look after you and your Porsche if the unexpected happens. 

The Porsche roadside assistance programme provides comprehensive cover in the unlikely event of a breakdown, anywhere in Europe. As part of the programme, a customer service team dedicated to Porsche customers is available all year round. They will ensure that the most appropriate kind of assistance is sent to help you, and will assist you with onward transport and accommodation, to meet your needs. If your car is recovered, they can arrange for you to have a courtesy car for up to two days from an approved list of premium manufacturers.

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Porsche Tyres

Porsche N-Rated Tyres

All Porsche Centres can precision fit ‘N’ rated tyres and offer a wheel alignment and balancing service. Unique to Porsche, the ‘N’ rating is given to tyres that have been approved by Porsche engineers in Weissach. Porsche Centres guarantee this standard by only fitting ‘N’ rated tyres to Porsche vehicles.

Advances in tyre technology mean that tyre wear or even mixing different brands, patterns or ‘N’ numbers, even if from the same manufacturer, could result in an increase in road noise and significant changes in shock absorption, steering and smooth handling. Your Porsche Centre stocks a wide range of ‘N’ rated tyres for all Porsche models to maintain your car’s performance.

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Porsche Body repair

Porsche Recommended Independent Body Repairers

Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd recommends specialist independent repairers for body and paint services to its national network of Porsche Centres. The repairers must meet strict operating standards specified by Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd. Porsche audit the Recommended Repairers annually and continuously monitors their compliance with the Porsche standard.

Please contact us to find your nearest Porsche Recommended Repairer.

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

Porsche Exclusive

A guiding principle of Porsche has always been to allow each customer the opportunity to create a highly personal car and the ultimate expression of this philosophy is Porsche Exclusive.

Porsche Exclusive provides customers with a unique, personalised vehicle that meets all of their special wishes - in terms of both styling and performance.  The opportunities are endless against any Porsche model providing it is technically feasible and it doesn’t compromise quality. 

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Porsche Car Insurance

Porsche Car Insurance

Protect your Porsche with insurance from the experts. Porsche Car Insurance guarantees Porsche-trained Technicians, Porsche Genuine Parts, and Porsche Recommended Repairers for maximum safety, reliability and to help retain the future value of your car.

With the purchase of a new or Approved Pre-Owned Porsche you can also benefit from five days’ complimentary Drive Away insurance, so from day one you can be confident that you’ve got the cover your Porsche deserves. As part of your application, you will also receive an annual quotation giving you the option to purchase 12 months’ cover, to offer you maximum convenience and complete peace of mind.

And if you are the owner of a new Taycan, you can rest assured that it will be covered for all the elements needed for an all-electric vehicle. This includes cover for your charging cables against accidental damage, fire and theft, as well as accidents caused by any electric charging cables. Our insurance also provides battery cover if it becomes damaged as a result of an insured incident.

Subject to eligibility. Terms and conditions apply. Porsche Car Insurance is sold and administered by Carbon Insurance Brokers and underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.

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