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Porsche Boxster Cup Driver Scot Adams

Porsche Boxster Cup 2020


Porsche Centre Cardiff is delighted to confirm that we will be competing in the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup 2020.

This competition has evolved from the Porsche Classic Restoracing Championship which has run for the previous two years. The Cup now offers the opportunity for individual Boxster 986 S owners to race, either independently or in conjunction with an official Porsche Centre.

Scot Adams will represent Porsche Centre Cardiff as our driver for the second year in a row. Scot will be behind the wheel of the number 55 Fletcher Aviation Boxster, alongside some familiar 986 Boxsters from last year and some new entrants.

The team is excited for the season ahead which will again visit some of the most famous tracks in the UK. So,we had a chat with Scot to see how he is feeling about the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup 2020.

How do you feel being the driver of the 55 Fletcher Aviation Boxster?
I feel very excited and privileged to have the opportunity to race on behalf of Porsche Centre Cardiff. I am ready to get going and can’t wait to enjoy some fantastic experiences.

What are you looking forward to about the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup 2020?
I am over the moon to be back in the driving seat and to work with our amazing team again. There is a real opportunity to improve this season and I am determined to keep pushing ahead.

What challenges will you face this year?

It's always difficult when you have to travel long distance to the farther tracks such as Snetterton. When we get to the races, getting the car set up properly is always key. Good feedback from the car is crucial to knowing where your limits lie.
Which circuit are you looking forward to visiting the most?
Brands Hatch GP, Donnington Park and Snetterton are all fantastic circuits. I am sure Silverstone will be amazing too, but will bring its own set of challenges as I have not competed there previously. For some reason I struggled with the Brands Hatch Indy circuit, so I will try to improve at that track.
How is the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup different to Restoracing?
The Porsche Classic Boxster Cup has two more rounds than Restoracing, with seven races in total. There are also more rounds with the Class 1 and 2 Porsche cars on the same grid, plus new teams and drivers in our Boxster class.
Are there any changes to the Boxster?

There aren’t any big changes. We will be doing checks and maintenance before we get stuck in to the season. We are waiting to hear more on whether we can use wet tyres this year.

How will you prepare for the races?

I will be working on my personal fitness and on my ability to stay calm at the races. This is always helped by the amazing team we have around us. 


The first round of the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup will take place at Donington Park on Sunday 5 April. You can purchase tickets on their website if you would like to join us for a fantastic day of racing,

Visit our Porsche Classic Boxster Hub to keep up to date with all the latest news and action from the track or email events@porschecardiff.co.uk to sign up to our Classic Boxster Cup Newsletter.