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Add more Porsche Soul to your garage

Add more Porsche Soul to your Garage

Many Porsche enthusiasts vacate their garage space so their Porsche can live there, peacefully, and safely. Naturally, many of those enthusiasts want to transform their garage space, to become a true ‘home’ for their treasured Porsche.

Our Porsche Lifestyle range allows you to do just that. We’ve created a curated list of items below that can transform any garage into a space befitting of your passion for the Porsche brand.

Garage Mat

Garage Mat

Available in a range of designs, from the 917 Salzburg to the Martini Racing mat, these soulful sheets will bring your garage to life. With their subtle radiance, these garage mats will add a luxurious and tidy feel to your Porsche’s space.

Dimensions - 70cm X 40cm

Porsche Garage Mat range –  From £130.00 each incl. VAT

Porsche classic Enamel Sign

Enamel Sign

Add character to your garage with our Porsche Classic Enamel Sign range. They bring a wonderful splash of colour and style to any garage space.

Available in a range of designs, from ‘Elegante Sportiva’ to ‘Kraftvolle Eleganz’, these signs will brighten up your garage with emotion and sentiment, allowing you to truly appreciate the engineering masterclass behind the creation of your Porsche.

Dimensions - 40cm X 60cm

Porsche Classic Enamel Sign Range –  From £155.00 incl. VAT

Wheel Rim Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Losing track of time fettling or polishing your Porsche in your garage? We have the answer - the Wheel Rim Wall Clock will add a touch of sophistication as well as a piece of Porsche history to your garage. Made from the original rim of a 911 in RS Spyder Design, this clock will be the star of the show, proving to be an influential piece as it reflects the luxury of your Porsche.

With the Super-LumiNova hands that glow in the dark, this clock is a true reflection of Porsche’s unquestionable versatility.

Dimensions - 545mm x 80mm

Wheel Rim Wall Clock –  From £1,623.00 incl. VAT

Porsche Jump Image Set

Image Set

Historical motif, “Der Porsche Sprung”, and its modern reinterpretation, “The Porsche Jump”, in a dual set as mounted silkscreen prints in a wooden frame.

The new edition symbolises the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer’s mentality and shows how Porsche interprets sustainability – daring to take on new challenges and courageously forging ahead. Perfect for the wall of your garage. 

Limited stock available

Dimensions – 630mm x 840mm

The Porsche Jump Image Set –  From £1750.00 incl. VAT

Embossed metal Plates Range

Metal Plate

Explore the decorative possibilities with our Metal Plates range. With Brake Fluid, Fuel Additive, and multiple Motoroil designs available, you can pick and choose as you please to create your perfect garage space.

Dimensions – 400mm x 280mm

Embossed Metal Plates Range –  From £36.00 incl. VAT