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Few experiences rival the joy of spending quality time with your cherished vehicle, ensuring it receives the tender loving care it merits. Exposure to the elements can take a toll on both the exterior and interior of your car, necessitating a bit of pampering from time to time. Porsche has crafted a range of top-tier products designed to preserve your vehicle's original splendour and protect it against future wear and tear.

Porsche's car care products are nothing short of exceptional, having been meticulously developed specifically for Porsche vehicles and rigorously tested by Porsche engineers themselves. These premium formulations effectively dissolve impurities, nourish fabrics, and create a protective barrier against future environmental challenges. Your Porsche will undoubtedly appreciate this dedicated care. Explore the Porsche Tequipment car care range to discover what it has in store, alongside some valuable car cleaning advice to ensure your passion receives the utmost care.



In times past, stubborn stains could only be tackled with acidic cleaning agents. However, these not only react with brake dust, posing risks to the health of your vehicle, but also lead to corrosive effects on brake discs, paint, and wheel nuts. Clearly, this is far from ideal for your treasured possession. Porsche has introduced an acid-free alloy wheel cleaner, enriched with special ingredients that effectively target persistent marks while treating all materials with gentleness. The gel formula boasts remarkable adhesive properties, gripping onto grime for effortless rinsing.

£18.70 incl. VAT

White Edition alloy rim cleaner | PORSCHE SHOP



Dealing with stubborn insect residue that obstructs your view can be frustrating. This not only hampers your driving enjoyment but also compromises safety. Porsche presents an acid-free gel remover that effortlessly eliminates these remnants, ensuring a spotless finish without harming glass and paintwork. Unlike other market options that demand excessive scrubbing, this solution provides a much-needed ease.

£20.00 incl. VAT

White Edition insect remover | PORSCHE SHOP



Regardless of whether it's your paintwork or cabriolet hood, both surfaces brave the same weather conditions. Road dust and oil residues can swiftly mar paintwork, particularly during polishing without adequate pre-treatment. Porsche's shampoo and convertible top cleaner effectively purges impurities, laying the groundwork for a polished finish. When rinsing off suds, remember to use a hose without a spray cap to minimise water droplet marks.

£20.00 incl. VAT

White Edition shampoo and convertible top cleaner | PORSCHE SHOP



Porsche understands the art of safeguarding your car's future and enhancing its peak condition. The use of the finest Brazilian Carnauba Wax, combined with special nano-polymers, results in a stunning shine with impressive repellent properties. The application of this wax in gentle circular motions leaves behind a protective layer over newly cleaned or freshly painted surfaces, deterring future stains.

£22.00 incl. VAT

White Edition hard wax | PORSCHE SHOP



A Porsche chamois leather proves to be an indispensable tool in your kit. Its rapid absorption capabilities aid in drying your vehicle, leaving behind a streak-free finish. This material is more durable than microfibre cloths and doesn't retain grit as readily as other fabrics in the market. Porsche's chamois leather is a cornerstone of effective car care.

£13.00 incl. VAT

Porsche Classic chamois leather for all models | PORSCHE SHOP


To find out more or to order your car care products from Porsche Centre Cardiff, contact us on info@porschecardiff.co.uk or call 0292 060 6520