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Driving safely in the winter starts from the ground up and fitting your Porsche with winter wheels and tyres is a good place to start. Whilst we are still in February, it is still a good time to think about equipping your Porsche for the remaining colder months to maximise performance, comfort, and enjoyment on your journeys.

We want you to enjoy every ounce of performance that your Porsche offers, and that begins with winter tyres. Using season specific tyres is one of the ways you can truly be at one with the road to create the ultimate connection between the car and driving surface. To help achieve this, Porsche’s engineers have left nothing to chance, ensuring all tyre products are capable of handling snow, ice, and rain on a variety of surfaces.

During most winters in the UK, the average temperature hovers somewhere close to just 4°C and is typically lower during the usual commuting hours. Below 7°C, the rubber compound in all summer tyres hardens, causing a drop in performance and an increase in braking distance by up to 12%*.

You can maintain your vehicle’s performance potential with the benefits of winter tyres. This provides improved performance, greater safety and enhanced driving pleasure in cold, wet and other adverse weather conditions. During the development phase for Porsche’s winter tyres, the prototypes underwent testing on the Nürburgring to assess the long-term degradation of tyres after undergoing extreme driving styles. Rolling noise, and resistance are also tested to help ensure ride comfort is not compromised.

Winter tyres are also easier to recognise than you think. Not only are the treads emphasised more, but an ‘M + S’ and an Alpine symbol will ensure that your tyres are designed to keep you on the road during the winter months. All tyres that are recommended by Porsche come with a special ‘N’ designation. The ‘N’ stands for Nürburgring, where the tyres are tested. Following the N, a second letter indicates the model line.

To ensure your winter tyres have the perfect housing upon which to perform, Porsche has a perfectly tailored wheel for everyone. It is often an assumption that winter wheels must be understated to match the darkness of the season, but that is not the case with Porsche Tequipment’s winter wheels. Whether you opt for multi-spoke or dual arm, sain platinum or black high gloss, sporty or classic, the design of the wheels is indisputably Porsche.  With a winter wheel available for every model across the current line-up, your options are extensive. You can explore the range available for your car, including pricing, using the  Tequipment Finder .

It is not too early to start thinking about the summer months either. What better way to prepare your Porsche for those evening drives than some fresh tyres? With performance that gives you maximum enjoyment, Porsche wheels with summer tyres come in a range of appearances to suit your desires.

All tyres sold by our Centre are approved by Porsche to provide the ultimate performance, whilst catching the eye of fellow Porsche enthusiasts. For more information on our various tyre options or to a set, please contact our Porsche Centre on  0292 060 6520 or email info@porschecardiff.co.uk .