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Go Green with Porsche – eFuels


As we step closer to a more sustainable automotive future, many people are looking for new ways to go green. Some argue that the adoption of battery electric vehicles is not happening quickly enough with an estimated 1.3 billion conventional vehicles still on the road. Although most governments are adopting electric mobility in their futures the fact remains that many combustion engines will remain on the road for years to come.

Green fuels or eFuels are a combustible fuel produced in a virtually CO₂-neutral manner. The use of these in the future would complement the transition to electric cars meaning existing combustion engines could rapidly aid in the reduction of CO₂ production. Porsche is thrilled to be actively driving this development forward by initiating construction of the very first factory dedicated to the production of eFuels.

“eFuels are produced using electricity generated by wind power. Water is broken down into its components, hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), via electrolysis. The hydrogen is then processed with CO₂ extracted from the air to produce e-methanol. In the next step, known as methanol-to-gasoline synthesis, it is turned into a synthetic raw gasoline, which in turn is processed into a standard-compliant gasoline fuel that can be used in all gasoline engines.” – Porsche Newsroom

Beginning in 2022 the pilot plant in the Magallanes Province of southern Chile is set to produce 130,000 litres per year. In a leading step, Porsche will set all 130,000 litres of renewable synthetic fuel to work across various motorsport activities. As with all things Porsche Motorsport, it is only a matter of time before we will then see eFuels being used in its own combustion engine models – even the classics.

This is a very exciting time for the Porsche brand. This latest development compliments the rapidly expanding range of electric and hybrid vehicles in the Porsche line-up. If you would like more information on our current range of electric models or on how you can go green with Porsche, contact our team of trained Porsche professionals today on 02920 350 911 .