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The New Porsche Classic Tool Bags


We are delighted to announce some new additions to the range of Porsche Classic Tool Bags. Joining the original line-up of tool bags for the 356, 356 Carrera and the 911 F, there are new versions for the 911 G, 912 and 914.

Every Porsche Classic Tool Bag is beautifully made using the highest quality materials and features elements that reflect the design and character of each particular model, such as sample seat fabric or spare tyre straps. The Genuine Porsche tools contained within have been produced based on original manuals and are of premium specification with distinctive Porsche branding. Every set of tools is specially made and selected to suit the needs of each model. 


Porsche Classic Tool Bag for 911 G

For 911 G model variants (inc. Turbo) (74-82) and (83-89), these redesigned tool bags have spectacular late 1970s looks, replacing the artificial leather with real black leather and fabric based on typical seat covers from the era. Each tool has a specified slot and the screwdriver handles are made of yellow plastic featuring Porsche lettering. The original spark plug tool has been replaced with a more practical ratchet with a spark plug socket wrench. Two variants of tool bag are available for the 911 G. (For 911 G models produced between 74-82 use tool kit PCG91172110 and 83-89 use tool kit PCG93072110)

Part No: PCG91172110 (74-82) and PCG93072110 (83-89)


Porsche Classic Tool Bag for 912

The unmistakable combination of leather and corduroy replicates the style of the 912 seats. In the centre of the bag is an embossed Porsche crest, just like on the vehicle’s horn button. The bag’s locking clips are chrome-plated and the 912 lettering matches that on the rear boot lid of the car. The tools have been manufactured in accordance with original drawings and include a brass brush and a feeler gauge. For 912 (65-69).

Part No: PCG90272110


Porsche Classic Tool Bag for 914

The orange tartan fabric is inspired by the 914 seat covers and the stamped Porsche emblem on the front reflects the one from the horn button of the 914/6. Golden 914 lettering and closures complete the look. Like all Porsche Classic Tool Bags, the version for the 914 also has a high-quality tool set. For 914 (69-76).

Part No: PCG91472110


Porsche Classic Tool Bag for 911 F

A real leather and pepita case bearing the Porsche crest from the early 911 horn button and with a particular slot for each tool. The tools have been produced, improved and embellished with the Porsche lettering. The 911 F tool bag meets the highest standards of functionality and quality and includes a fold-out knee protector made of real leather.

Part No: PCG90172110


Porsche Classic Tool Bag for 356

Based on original tools and the driver’s manual, the tool bag for the 356 features a black leather design with brown leather straps and the historic Porsche lettering. The tools combine improved functionality with original dimensions and each feature Porsche lettering. The set includes a real leather knee mat and also an original wheel nut and spark plug. For 356 pre A (48-55), 356 A (55-59), 356 B (59-63) and 356 C (63-65).

Part No: PCG64472110


Porsche Classic Tool Bag for 356 Carrera

This new edition is finished in high-quality leather with brown leather fastenings reminiscent of the spare tyre strap. Two lines of golden lettering are embossed in the same design as on the rear of the vehicle. The tool bag is not just intended for the 356 Carrera – it can be used with all models driven by the “Fuhrmann” engine, such as the 550 Spyder, 718 or 904 racing cars. For 356 A (55-59), 356 B (59-63) and 356 C (63-65).

Part No: PCG54772110


For more information about the Porsche Classic Tool Bags, please call us on 02920 606 520 or email  info@porschecardiff.co.uk to contact our Parts Team.