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Team Cardiff Races At Brands Hatch For Restoracing Competition

Restoracing Round 2: Brands Hatch


On the first May Bank Holiday weekend, the second round of Restoracing took place at Brands Hatch. The team from Porsche Centre Cardiff arrived raring to go on Friday afternoon for testing. Scot’s first experience of the famous race circuit went so well that the team struggled to call him back in from practicing.


Unlike the first round, when the Restoracing drivers had enjoyed the grid to themselves, the second round of the series included an added challenge of two extra classes of race cars on the grid at the same time. Under pressure, but unfazed by the additional cars, Scot continued with his calm and steady approach to qualify 12th out of 15 cars for both races.

Race 1

The first race got off to a bad start for Scot when a mistake in the grid formations left him sitting in 13th position instead of 12th. In the confusion, two other Boxsters were able to take advantage and Scot was left in 15th place.

In similar scenes to the first round at Donington Park, not all of the Boxsters were able to keep their wheels on the track. Hatfield spun dramatically in front of Scot, which caused him to swerve and also spin. Luckily Scot was able to restart the Boxster and get on the move again.

The Hatfield Boxster wasn’t having the best race and when he spun again, Scot was able to steal a position. Glasgow and Wilmslow also found themselves on the grass instead of the track, and with two other cars not finishing the race, Cardiff celebrated another 10th place finish for Scot.

Race 2

The weather wasn’t on the drivers’ side when it came to Race 2 and the heavens opened before the race could start. This presented a new challenge for Scot, as he had been blessed with dry weather for practice and the races so far.

Ben McLoughlin, who is driving for Bournemouth in the competition and has professional driving experience, took Scot under his wing for some advice on driving in the wet weather Having discussed which tyres to use for the race, Cardiff sent Scot out on semi-slick tyres for the damp track.

Race 2 got off to a good start as Scot was lined up in the correct grid position and he managed to keep two rivals behind him at bay as the race got underway. It wasn’t long until the Safety Car was out due to a wet weather related collision.

When the drivers got back to racing after the incident, there was little time left on the clock. The conditions left Scot wary of sliding of the now very wet track. Several cars spun off and re-entered the race, Wilmslow slid off the track twice whilst exiting Druids, the second time meeting the barrier and losing his bumper! Scot used all of his skills to keep his number 55 Boxster on track and maintain his position in 12th place.

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