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Team Cardiff At Donington Park For The Restoracing Championship

Restoracing Round 1: Donington Park


The first round of Restoracing took place on the oldest motorsport circuit in the UK still in operation, Donington Park.  As Scot’s debut to competitive racing in the Boxster, the Porsche Centre Cardiff Restoracing team used the Good Friday practice round to get some much needed track time.

The first round would prove a challenging one for Scot. He has only recently gained his racing license and the hot temperatures posed a threat to both drivers and cars.

Scot took the challenges in his stride and performed well, improving his times lap by lap. Scot and the 986 were well supported by a loyal pit crew formed of members of the Workshop, Parts, Service, Marketing and Bookings teams.


On race day, Scot needed to complete a minimum of three laps in the 20 minute qualifying session to earn his place on the grid. Scot was already reaping the rewards of the previous day’s practice, improving his lap times and enjoying the time on the track alongside the other 986 Boxsters. The qualifying round placed Scot at the rear of the grid, but the thrill of racing and support of his team kept his spirits high.

Race 1

Scot continued to impress his team mates in the first race, posting ever quicker times. A dramatic race saw multiple cars spin off the track or crash out altogether, but Scot kept to a steady pace to claim 14th place.

Race 2

Although Scott was starting the second race at the back in position 15, as the lights went green, Scot began to apply pressure to the cars in front of him. An even more eventful race ensued.

Swindon’s Coca-Cola Boxster suffered an engine failure and, after the safety car was deployed when Glasgow spectacularly crashed off of the course, the cars were bunched together. Scot closed the gap between him and the back of the pack. As the safety car went in and the race resumed he was a respectable 11th, then was able to steal one more position from Hatfield with his fastest lap of the day.

The tenth place finish was celebrated by the Welsh pit crew. The supporters from Porsche Centre Cardiff and Scot’s family were overjoyed to see the silver Boxster driven so well.

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